Hang Man

Proprietor’s Note

A sunny day in San Francisco, California. It’s 3:45pm. I’m headed to Mama Art Café where I must prepare for HELIOTROPE, a monthly reading series, the night of. But while on the BART, I had this thought that would be called “ a book on the shelf”: a book on any given topic that could come up in a conversation between friends–similar to how a bystander throws random objects at an emcee while he or she is in a cypher; a cypher is a huddle of emcees improvising or reciting a previously written document to body-beats, beats or acapella–co-written with a poet whose poetry I enjoy, and who’d be up for the collaboration. Between me and the poet James Cagney the subject that came up was Black History in the 21st Century.

James would agree that I stopped by his apartment, on a day like this one, with my laptop. He was in the kitchen blaring MC Breed’s “Ain’t No Future in Your Frontin’ ” from two speakers while glazing salmon with lemon pepper and yellow squash. We broke bread from 0 to 0, for close to a year (serious head nod), and here you have it.

Move or Die presents HANG MAN (Myron Michael in a cypher with James Cagney–James Cagney is a poet and writer from Oakland, CA.  A Cave Canem and VONA fellow, Cagney has appeared as a featured poet and artist at venues in San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago and Mumbai.  His work has been published on line and in print via Lime Hawk, Print Oriented Bastards, Typehouse Magazine, A Prince Tribute: …only wanted one time to see you laughing, and Eleven Eleven Journal among others. Visit his blog at thedirtyrat.wordpress.com).


Move or Die, Oakland, CA: 2010

Move or Die: Oakland, CA

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