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Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I’m in the season of submitting my first book to editors for publication—so I decided to build a website and blog about the journey to arrive at this place. Here at you can explore poetry, interviews, micro-essays, links to other sites to check out, collaborations, art, memoir, and what I call: photopoems. A photopoem is a picture that is accompanied with a poem that together capture a mood.

The Understudy

photopoem: “The Understudy”

The Plentiful and Readymade World, a manuscript-series-in-progress, is a heptalogy of “walking poems”; its title comes from Lewis Hyde’s book Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art. The plentiful not only alludes to the natural and spiritual world, referring to the book of “Genesis” in the Old Testament, but to other books; I have them shelved at Goodreads (; the readymade alludes to the artificial and intellectual world that was created by us, and, as technology advances, is built upon; it of course also nods to Marcel Duchamp’s theory that the idea of an art is the crux of the artwork not the art itself.

By nodding I’m not agreeing or disagreeing, but admitting that I have felt a spark from the artists and authors and writers and musicians that appear in the manuscripts. A spark that inspires creativity. I like to explore and make note of differences or comparability; a habit I picked up in primary school and cultivated through college. My family moved around quite a bit during my coming-of-age (for various reasons), and though at times it was hurtful—to leave a city, to leave a neighborhood of friends—at other times it was helpful—to learn new neighborhoods, to learn how to make new friends; after I came-of-age I continued to move around, and still do. This blog, in a way, is a place for me to slow down, settle in, and introduce myself and my work to you. Perhaps we could be friends (

or followers of each other (

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